What do Moderators do? Who to contact?

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What do Moderators do? Who to contact? Empty What do Moderators do? Who to contact?

Post by Ritsu on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:48 pm

.:What do Moderators do? Who to contact?:.
Our forum moderators and administrators are users like you who take time of their lives to look around the forum and make sure everything is going according to the rules.
However, there are assigned ranks to them as way to distribute tasks and ensure all the sub-forums are being cleaned and taken care of.

> Administrators
 Administrators have control over the whole forum, including the main administrating panel. They can alter information about you, such as e-mails, passwords and usernames.
 They also make the final decisions in the forum such as big changes and certain events.

> Global Moderator
Global moderators have moderator powers only; but they also have focus on the forum.
They look over the forum itself and ensure all the rules
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